New Roller Coaster Theme Park Coming in 2013

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mack launch coaster blue fire New Roller Coaster Theme Park Coming in 2013

Attention roller coaster lovers who want more “thrill” and less “theme” in your parks: Orlando will have something just for you in Summer 2013. Orlando Thrill Park will feature eight coasters, which equals Florida’s current frontrunner for number of thrill rides, Busch Gardens Tampa.

Orlando Thrill Park is a proposed 77-acre park which will be located in the I-4 corridor across from Universal Orlando. The inspiration for the park comes from similar parks around the country such as Cedar Point in Ohio and Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. Since Florida currently doesn’t feature any Cedar Fairs or Six Flags parks, Orlando Thrill Park hopes to fill the void and give coaster lovers something to scream about.

To see a gallery of the rides proposed for Orlando Thrill Park, click HERE!

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