Paco Poll: March Madness – Who’s The Greatest Artist Of All Time

It’s that time of year again…March Madness.  However, at 1059 Sunny FM, the 64 aren’t on the court, they’re on the mike…and THAT leads us to today’s Paco Poll.

We need to get your nominations for the top 64 Greatest Artists of All Time in order to start our tournament.

Vote for who YOU think needs to be recognized as the Champ of Sunny’s March Madness.  Vote now in the Paco Poll!

Nominate your favorite artist below by leaving a name in the comment box.  We’ll take the top 64 vote getters and begin the March Madness Contest on Monday!

  • J Mccormack


    • Paco

      Ahhh…The KING! We’ll see if he can crown the competition in our March Madness! Thanks for taking the time to vote!

  • lost

    Here are my nominations (sorry couldn’t chose just one):
    The Beatles, The Who, The Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Neil Diamond, The Doors, Madonna, Elvis and Frank Sinatra.

    • Paco

      Wow! That’s a list…a GREAT list! Thanks for the comment/nominations! Be listening – we’ll add up the votes and then YOU’LL pick the winners through our March Madness tournament!

    • Brad

      These are all fantastic artists and I also nominate them but lets add one more all time great to the list…Sir Elton John! This man is awesome, I don’t know of any other artist that can create a song within 45 minutes.

      • Paco

        Brad…Sir Elton IS in the tournament…These votes are daily…we started with 64 teams and we’ll take it all the way down to a winner (Champion)…but, there’s voting every single day! Keep voting…Elton John beat “The Who”…in round one…and will take on James Brown on Thursday…look for the Paco Poll and vote…K?! — Paco

  • KZ

    Absolutely, positively HAS to be the REAL Journey with Steve Perry. NOT the wanna be’s.

    • Paco

      Ouch KZ…sorry to say that Billy Joel…beat Journey in round one and got knocked out by a score of 86%-14%….Although I agree with you…it’s up to YOU the listener to vote and pick the winner! Now…GO VOTE! — Paco

  • dd


    • Paco

      ahhh, yes…the King…the tournament’s #1 Seed…He’s gonna be tough to beat! — Paco

  • Karey

    Neil Diamond, Chicago, and Blood Sweat & Tears

    Thank you!

    • Paco

      Karey…Maybe a little hard to believe but…Neil Diamond (an American Classic) got beaten by Chicago…however, in round two Chicago is matched up today against Eric Clapton! Woah, that’s tough competition! Also, Blood, Sweat & Tears was knocked out in the first round by Phil Collins 60%-40%…Keep voting! Maybe you can help keep Chicago alive! — Paco

  • Mr.


    • Paco

      Mr., Thanks for checking in and giving us your vote! MJ is STILL IN THE RUNNING! I expect to see him in the Smokin’ Sixteen and the Exciting Eight…Maybe even in the Fantastic Four! Keep up with the tournament and keep voting! — Paco

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