[VIDEO] News Of The Weird: Dallas-Area “Anger Room” Allows Customers To Break Stuff For Stress Relief

Don’t you wish sometimes when someone or something really ticks you off that you could just walk into a room, take a baseball bat, and start laying into stuff to blow off steam? Okay, maybe you don’t really get that angry, but for those who do in the Dallas area, there’s a new place call “Anger Room” that’s now open and ready to let you do just that!

This is “Danny” – he’s just a bit upset and needs to work it out …

“Anger Room” allows customers to purchase 15 or 25 minute “smash sessions” during which they can work off their wrath in a room set up as an office, kitchen, living room, or other customized setting.

The owner of the relatively new business, Donna Alexander, says that while she’s not making a profit just yet, she’s getting lots of customers – surprisingly both male and female – and also lots of franchise requests. Who knows? If it takes off, there could be an “Anger Room” coming to Orlando!

(via Huffington Post)


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