Nearly Impossible Trivia: One World Trade Center

This week, we’re awarding you trivia masters who listen and call in with the correct answer to “Nearly Impossible Trivia” two (2) tickets to see the Orlando Magic at Amway Center this Wednesday night in Game 3 of their NBA Playoffs First Round match-up with the Indiana Pacers – be there to watch Blue and White Ignite!

Q: Yesterday, One World Trade Center, the successor to the fallen Twin Towers destroyed on 9/11, became the tallest structure in New York when workers raised a steel column within the tower’s skeleton, allowing the tower’s total height to surpass that of the Empire State Building’s observation deck at 1,250 ft. When the tower is finally complete, its planned height in feet will commemorate a significant historical event in American history. What is that event?

Use your cursor to highlight the invisible text below the question to see the answer! Also, be sure to head over to our Club Sun page and enter the answer to today’s ” question to get your points and get on track to winning great prizes!

A:America’s Independence. (One World Trade Center’s planned spire will bring the building’s height up to 1,776 ft., a figure symbolic of the 1776 United States Declaration of Independence.)

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