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Today In Music History: 02/27/17

One of the Van Zant boys is having a birthday, The Miracles hit Bandstand, The Supremes hit “What’s My Line?” and James Brown gets rejected on live T.V.

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Today In Music History: 02/24/17

Happy Birthday to the man that is “Bad To The Bone,” George Thorogood, Laverne and Shirley meet rock stars, Led Zeppelin gives us “Physically Graffiti,” and Kurt and Courtney get married.

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Today In Music History: 02/23/17

The Beatles do Ed Sullivan for the 3rd week in a row, Garth Brooks plays baseball, and Isaac Hayes goes to jail….Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 02/21/17

The Jackson 5 enjoy a first, Prince does a first, Elvis does his 22nd, and Bruce does a first in 7 years. Today in Music History its all about the firsts!

1059 SUNNY FM–02/21/2017

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Today In Music History: 02/20/17

One of the biggest music tragedies of all time happened on this day in music history. We also get the Osmonds, Cher, John Lennon, and Phil Collins taking over vocal duties for Genesis.

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Today In Music History: 02/17/17

Percy Sledge improvises the lyrics to his biggest song ever, David Coverdale of Whitesnake gets married to the girl in the video, and AC/DC releases their first album. Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/17/2017

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Today In Music History: 02/16/17

The Faces reunite…for a song, Ike Turner gets inducted while incarcerated, and Cher tries her hand at a solo T.V. show. Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 02/15/17

We lose Nat King Cole, but gain the “beginnings” of Chicago. Sir Paul gets on lead guitar and Gino Vannelli gets on “Soul Train,” Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 02/14/17

Rob Thomas is having a birthday, Prince gets married, Jimmy Buffett introduces us to Margaritaville, and we lose the guy that gave us “My Sharona.”

1059 SUNNY FM–02/14/2017

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Today In Music History: 02/13/17

Michael Jackson buys his “Neverland” ranch, Ronnie Van Zant’s grave is robbed, and Led Zeppelin has to cancel a concert for hair problems.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/13/2017

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Today In Music History: 02/10/17

Van Halen, Carol King and Kanye West all release important albums on this day, plus we get that lovin feeling at #1 and Bob Marley gets married.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/10/2017

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Today In Music History: 02/09/17

The Beatles debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, Bill Haley passes away, UB40 gives their first live performance and Phil Collins makes up a name.

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Today In Music History: 02/08/17

Ringo gets his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame exactly 38 years, to the day, after the official Beatles fan club disbanded. Toto has a #1 song and Tom Jones is on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

1059 SUNNY FM–02/08/2017

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Today In Music History: 02/07/17

Garth Brooks turns 55 today, The Beatles land in New York for the first time, Pink Floyd builds a wall, and “Pinball Wizard” is born.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/07/2017

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Today In Music History: 02/06/17

Axl Rose celebrates his double nickel birthday. Former Beatles record a tribute song to John Lennon, Sonny Bono runs for mayor and Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys passes away at 51…Today in Music History!

1059 SUNNY FM–02/06/2017

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Today In Music History: 02/03/17

It’s the anniversary of the day the music died, the day that Tom Brady began his Super Bowl dominance and the day that Chuck Berry found his ding-a-ling.

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Today In Music History: 02/02/17

“Uptown Girl” Christie Brinkley is having a birthday. Van Halen signs a record deal, Duran Duran headlines their first tour in the states and Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers team up at halftime.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/02/2017

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Today In Music History: 02/01/17

Today in Music History, we get Paul Simon, The FBI, a little girl for Elvis, the 2nd best selling album of all time in the U.S. and more Super Bowl stuff!

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Today In Music History: 01/31/17

It’s KC of the Sunshine band’s birthday, The Beatles put the final touches on “Let It Be” and we have a twin spin of Superbowl half-time shows Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/31/2017

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Today In Music History: 01/30/17

The Four Tops perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, The Beatles perform on top of their own building and KISS performs for the first time together in Queens…Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/30/2017

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Today In Music History: 01/26/17

Axe man Eddie Van Halen is having a birthday, Prince makes his T.V. debut, Ringo writes “Octopus’s Garden” and The Bucs get a Super Bowl win.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/26/2017

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Today In Music History: 01/25/17

Paul goes “Unplugged” for MTV, Bobby Brown gets arrested, Elvis achieves a first in the U.K. and a daughter named God is born.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/25/2017

Today In Music History: 01/24/17

Brian Wilson gets divorced, Amy Winehouse enters rehab, Diana Ross sings the National Anthem at Super Bowl XVI and we get The Animals on Ed Sullivan.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/24/2017

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Today In Music History: 01/23/17

The Temptations hit the charts, Elvis records “Suspicious Minds,” we lose two great guitarists, and the first ever Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/23/2017

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Today In Music History: 01/20/17

Paul Stanley of KISS has a birthday, Mike Love of The Beach Boys goes on a rant, and Journey gets their star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Today In Music History.

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Today In Music History: 01/19/17

My favorite from Full House is having a birthday, The Beatles are in court to end the group, Bruce Springsteen is an opening act for Black Oak Arkansas, and Carl Perkins and Wilson Pickett join the heavenly choir.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/19/2017

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Today In Music History: 01/18/17

Paul Simon dumps law school for music, Pink Floyd completes “Dark Side Of The Moon” and Glen Frey checks out to the Hotel California in the sky.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/18/2017

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Today In Music History: 01/17/17

We have birthdays, fights, submarines, T.V. show themes, and more Today In Music History!!

1059 SUNNY FM–01/17/2017

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Domino’s Gridiron Blitz 2016: Week 20 PLAYOFFS Round 2

The final rankings are in for NCAA football and 4 Florida teams make the top 20. We also get some great NFL Playoff games this weekend so let’s get the blitz going.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/13/2017

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Today In Music History: 01/12/17

Zayn Malik and “Sporty Spice” are having birthdays, Mick becomes a dad….again, Britney releases her first album, and we lose the great Maurice Gibb.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/12/2017

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