Today In Music History: 09/19/17

Creedence Clearwater Revival gets their only #1 song on either side of the Atlantic, Pearl Jam set a record, Simon and Garfunkel reunite and the first No Nukes concert takes place at Madison Square Garden.

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Today In Music History: 09/18/17

The Beatles record “Birthday,” The Eagles release “Heartache Tonight,” KISS goes on MTV with no makeup and The Village People get a star…Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 09/15/17

Today in Music History features two untimely deaths, a transatlantic music record, and Elvis and Huey Lewis’ biggest records.

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Today In Music History: 09/14/17

Pete Townsend is reportedly working on a rock opera, Earth Wind and Fire get their star, the first ever MTV Video Music Awards are held, and Britney gives birth, Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 09/13/17

Rugby players are no match for Rolling Stones fans, The Beatles (only Paul) release the song “Yesterday” in the U.S., Nivana gets kicked out of their own release party and Tupak Shakur dies from his gunshot wounds he received 6 days earlier…Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 09/12/17

The Monkees and Party of Five debut on T.V., Michael Jackson kicks off his Bad Tour, and we lose the “man in black” Johnny Cash, Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 09/11/17

The Stones are on the Ed Sullivan Show, David and Bing make Christmas magic, Peter Gabriel cleans up at the MTV video music awards and the Jackson 5 get a T.V. show.

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Today In Music History: 09/07/17

The Guess Who play their final concert, Keith Moon and Warren Zevon both pass away and Tupac Shakur gets shot in Vegas…Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 09/06/17

Eric Clapton plays on a Beatles record, Joan Jett sings the National Anthem, NKOTB give us “Hangin’ Tough,” and Glen Campbell gets his first #1.

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Today In Music History: 09/05/17

Elvis’ mom gets a pink Cadillac, Aerosmith hits #1, American Bandstand gets cancelled and a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd runs into a tree and writes a song….Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 09/01/17

Gloria Estefan gets married on her 21st birthday, Taylor Swift sings at the Grand Ole Opry, and it’s opening ceremonies at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

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Today In Music History: 08/31/17

George Harrison is convicted of “subconscious plagiarism,” Jimi Jamison of Survivor passes away, and Donnie Wahlberg gets married…Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 08/30/17

It is a slim day in music history. We get pictures of The Boss and his back-up singer, Billy Joel fires his ex-wife’s brother and John and Yoko raise money for mentally disabled children…Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 08/29/17

Roy Orbison gives us “Oh, Pretty Woman,” The Eagles end their “Hotel California” tour right here in Florida, U2 plays Yankee Stadium and Cher is live on HBO from Vegas….Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 08/28/17

Britney and Madonna share a smooch, Paul and Linda have a baby, and the Gallagher brothers from Oasis go separate ways.

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Today In Music History: 08/25/17

The Allman Brothers release “Ramblin’ Man,” Bruce gives us “Born To Run,” John Mellencamp becomes a grandfather at 38 and Led Zeppelin goes “Unledded” fro MTV, plus a happy 68th birthday to KISS bassist and singer Gene Simmons.

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Today In Music History: 08/24/17

Keith Moon from The Who drives his car into a hotel swimming pool, Bruce gets his picture on Rolling Stone magazine, The Stones release “Tattoo You,” and Queen begins work on Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Today In Music History: 08/23/17

We have a couple of stars given out, John Lennon gets married and still plays a concert that night and Ric Ocasek from the Cars gets married…Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 08/22/17

Led Zeppelin release their last album of exclusively new material, Ghostbusters hits #1, Ringo quits The Beatles and Derek and the Dominos start work on their only studio album…..Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 08/21/17

Rick James gets out of prison, Steve Augeri takes over as Journey lead vocalist and Bono gets married.

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Today In Music History: 08/18/17

Today in Music History, the King is laid to rest, Frances Bean is born, Bon Jovi releases their MEGA album “Slippery When Wet” and “People Got To Be Free” hits No.1

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Today In Music History: 08/17/17

Today in Music History marks the final day of Woodstock, the first concert back for Rick Allen from Def Leppard, Nirvana making the video for “Teen Spirit” and Carlos Santana receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Today In Music History: 08/16/17

We lose Elvis 40 years ago today. 59 years ago today we got Madonna. Today in Music History, we get the Ramones at their first concert, a couple of marriages, a world record a new lead singer for Genesis.

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Today In Music History: 08/15/17

The Beatles set a record, U2 sets a record, and Boyz II Men set a record Today in Music History, not to mention this little thing called Woodstock.

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What’s Missing With Domino?

See if you can find the five things that are missing.


Today In Music History: 08/14/17

Today we get “Maggie May,” “Rock ‘N Me,” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” Guns’N Roses kick off their first North American tour and Candlestick Park has gets a farewell show from Sir Paul Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 08/11/17

Today in Music History we have a couple of births, a death, some #1’s and some stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame being awarded!

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Today In Music History: 08/10/17

Elton John breaks a concert record set by the Rolling Stones, Madonna becomes first female to sell 5 million copies, and Neil Diamond gets his star! Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 08/09/17

The Bee Gee’s hit #1 on the singles chart and AC/DC hits #1 on the album chart. The original members of KISS get back together for an “Unplugged” session and Marc Cohn survives a shot to the head, Today in Music History.

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Today In Music History: 08/08/17

The Dave Mathews tour bus takes a dump on sight seers, Amy Winehouse OD’s, A Metallica/Guns ‘N Roses show gets cut short and results in a riot and The Animals one take “House of The Rising Sun.” Today in Music History.

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