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Today In Music History: 07/29/16

It’s a big day for Rush in music history. First off, it’s Geddy Lee’s birthday and today 42 years ago marks the day that Neil Peart joined the band. We also get some Kenny Loggins, Stevie Nicks and Guns N Roses Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/29/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/28/16

It was on this day in 1973 that Lynyrd Skynyrd got their introduction to the world after signing with MCA records. Part of the press conference featured how to say their name.

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Today In Music History: 07/27/16

Two of rocks biggest females bring their debut albums, Prince gives us “Purple Rain” and The Who ride the “Magic Bus.”

1059 SUNNY FM–07/27/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/26/16

It’s Mick’s birthday!! 73 today for The Rolling Stone front man. We also get the release of “La Grange” from ZZ Top and one of the true, great, love stories in music of all time began on this day in 1969. Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr of the 5th dimension were married and are still going strong today.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/26/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/25/16

The Beatles get a little help from a friend, David Bowie gets a little help from a Beatle and Boston releases their debut album, Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/25/2016


Today In Music History: 07/22/16

Elvis wears a beard, The Commodores give us “Machine Gun” and Stevie Wonder bails on the motor city for New York.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/22/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/21/16

The Rolling Stones top the charts on this day in 1965, four years later we get “Come Together” and Guns N Roses release “Appetite For Destruction.”

1059 SUNNY FM–07/21/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/20/16

Carlos Santana celebrates his birthday and band anniversary, George McRae hits American Bandstand and Paul gets dumped on live T.V.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/20/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/19/16

Today in Music History The Monkee’s give us The Monkee’s, Orleans says “Dance With Me” and Bananarama hits the stage on “American Bandstand.”

1059 SUNNY FM–07/19/2016


Today In Music History: 07/18/16

Today in Music History Whitney marries Bobby, another Bobby is found dead and Ringo puts the finishing touches on only the 2nd song he had ever written.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/18/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/15/16

Paul hangs with Letterman, Michael hangs with a Sultan, and Grand Funk drops “We’re An American Band.”

1059 SUNNY FM–07/15/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/14/2016

Glen Campbell and Tanya Tucker do the National Anthem at the Republican Convention high on cocaine. Steve Miller gets his star and the Who open for Herman’s Hermits.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/14/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/13/2016

31 years ago today Queen gave an epic performance for Live Aid in London. I was at the show in Philadelphia and saw Led Zeppelin for the first and only time ever. We also get some Elvis and Beatles, Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/13/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/12/2016

The guy that had a crush on Stevie Nicks, wrote a song about her and then got her to sing on it is having a birthday. We also get “Rock The Boat” and Elvis on the cover of the Rolling Stone, Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/12/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/11/2016

It’s been 5 years since we lost the lead singer of The Grass Roots Rob Grill, who died right here in Florida on this day in 2011. Today in Music History also features some guests on “American Bandstand” and a birthday boy with no band.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/11/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/08/2016

One of the music greats of all time gets booed off stage and Madonna goes full frontal in Playboy Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/08/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/07/2016

Ringo Starr is having a birthday, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” get recorded, and one of the greatest duets of all time gets a play on T.V.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/07/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/06/2016

We have the day that John and Paul met, the day we lost Satchmo, and the only song that Bruce Springsteen ever wrote that went to #1.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/06/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/05/2016

Happy Birthday to Huey Lewis. Today In Music History we get Little Eva on “American Bandstand” Janet Jackson goes number one at only 20 years old and The Rolling Stones get sued by Lucille Ball.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/05/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/04/2016

Today in Music History we have some marriages, some music and a free concert for the 4th of July that 500,000 people went to and it was free.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/04/2016

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Today In Music History: 07/01/2016

We lose the great Wolfman Jack, Foreigner gives us “Hot Blooded” The Rascals tell us “People Got To Be Free” and Debbie Harry turns 72.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/01/2016

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Today In Music History: 06/30/2016

The Supremes give us “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” Cher marries Greg Allman and then gives him the boot 9 days later, and a Happy Birthday to Glenn Shorrock of the Little River Band.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/30/2016

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Today In Music History: 06/29/2016

Today in Music History, Peter Frampton breaks his arm, Rush finds Neil Peart and David Bowie and Mick Jagger do some “Dancing In The Street.”

1059 SUNNY FM–06/29/2016

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Today In Music History: 06/28/2016

Is the Urban Legend true? Can you put on Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” and “The Wizard Of Oz” and have a unique viewing of the movie? Today in Music History you can find out?

1059 SUNNY FM–06/28/2016

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Today In Music History: 06/27/2016

Today in Music History I give you the birth of Queen…and the death of The Who’s John Entwistle. The movie “Live And Let Die” is released and so is the “Little Old Lady From Pasadena.”

1059 SUNNY FM–06/27/2016

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Today In Music History: 06/24/2016

Happy Birthday to Mick Fleetwood Today in Music History. We also get “White Rabbit” and “Up, Up And Away” on the same day. Elvis shows off his Karate and “The Lion King” hits theaters.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/24/2016

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Today In Music History: 06/23/2016

We have a couple of songs about ladies Today in Music History. The first one is Maria and the other is Sharona. Depending on when you grew up you heard these songs plenty on the radio. The latter owns her own real estate business in West Hollywood.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/23/2016

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Today In Music History: 06/22/2016

Today we get “Classical Gas” in Music History. Blind Faith releases their only album, Eric Clapton plays with the Stones, and Billy Joel plays Yankee Stadium.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/22/2016

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Today In Music History: 06/21/2016

Today in Music History we go from Zager and Evans to New Kids on The Block. That alone should make you want to read.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/21/2016

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Today In Music History: 06/20/2016

Jimi Hendrix gets paid, “The Lady In Red” hits the charts and American Bandstand celebrates it’s 20th anniversary Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/20/2016

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