Today In Music History: 07/26/17

Three Dog Night plays their last show, Peter Gabriel gets revenge on Genesis and Mick Jagger turns 74.

1059 SUNNY FM–3 hours ago

Today In Music History: 07/25/17

Boston releases their debut album, The Monkees release their debut single, AC/DC releases an album with a new lead vocalist and Rosanne Barr butchers The National Anthem..Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/25/2017

Today In Music History: 07/24/17

Paul gives away one of his songs to another group, the movie “La Bamba” opens here in the U.S., and Survivor hits #1 with “Eye of The Tiger” and stays there for 6 weeks…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/24/2017

Today In Music History: 07/21/17

Guns N’ Roses release their debut album “Appetite For Destruction,” David Naughton is “Makin’ It,” and The Beatles record “Come Together.”

1059 SUNNY FM–07/21/2017

Today In Music History: 07/20/17

Santana has a birthday concert and reunion, The Carpenters are on the Dating Game and Princess Diana meets Duran Duran…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/20/2017

Today In Music History: 07/19/17

Mike Tyson gets a call from Joan Jett, Frank Sinatra marries Mia Farrow, The Beatles release “Help!” and Lou Bega gives us “A Little Bit of Mambo.”

1059 SUNNY FM–07/19/2017

Today In Music History: 07/18/17

Billy Joel grabs a host of legends for the last concert at Shea Stadium, Prince gets his 2nd #1 with “Let’s Go Crazy,” and Bruce Springsteen headlines a tour with Bob Marley as his opening act.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/18/2017

Today In Music History: 07/17/17

It’s a family affair for the Wilson sisters from Heart. Yellow Submarine debuts in London, Jimi Hendrix gives Monkees’ fans the bird and James Brown hits us with “Papa’s Gotta A Brand New Bag.”

1059 SUNNY FM–07/17/2017

Today In Music History: 07/13/17

Today in Music History features the first disco #1, the first #1 James Bond theme and the first Live Aid concert!

1059 SUNNY FM–07/13/2017

Today In Music History: 07/12/17

The Beach Boys release “California Girls,” Zager and Evans hit #1 on both sides of the Atlantic with their only song, and The Rolling Stones make their concert debut…Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/12/2017

Today In Music History: 07/11/17

Ricky Martin hits #1, Bowie give us “Space Oddity,” George Thorogood and Richard Marx both hit American Bandstand and we lost the voice of The Grass Roots, Rob Grill.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/11/2017

Today In Music History: 07/10/17

Cher gives birth, Alan Oday has a #1 song, Ricky Martin joins Menudo and Bob Seger gets married, Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/10/2017

Today In Music History: 07/07/17

Elvis hits #1 in the U.K., David Lee Roth releases his first solo LP, Styx sails away and Justin Timberlake brings “Sexyback.” Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/07/2017

Today In Music History: 07/06/17

Paul and John meet for the first time, Tina Turner gets a day in L.A., Van McCoy and Louie Armstrong pass away, and Queen release their first song.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/06/2017

Today In Music History: 07/05/17

Hootie and the Blowfish and Creedence Clearwater Revival release debut albums, police are called to a Ted Nugent show, and Huey Lewis is having a birthday…Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/05/2017

Today In Music History: 07/04/17

Today in Music History we get the Atlanta International Pop Festival, the Beach Boys at the Washington Monument, Farm Aid II and the Marriages of Billy Joel and “Posh” Spice.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/04/2017

Today In Music History: 07/03/17

The Beatles record “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da,” We lose Jim Morrison and Brian Jones and KISS give us MONSTER.

1059 SUNNY FM–07/03/2017

Today In Music History: 06/30/17

The Beatles play Japan, the Rocky theme song hits #1, Steve Winwood and The Black Eyed peas release albums. Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/30/2017

Today In Music History: 06/29/17

Ringo sells pizza, The Boss kicks off a tour, Neil Diamond gets on T.V. for the first time and Neil Peart joins Rush, Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/29/2017

Today In Music History: 06/28/17

Wham! says farewell, The Eagles release “One of These Nights,” McCartney hits #1, and The Beatles record a lullaby.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/28/2017

Today In Music History: 06/27/17

Elvis has his comeback, The Who lose their bass player, Whitney Houston does something no other female had ever done and Aerosmith lets fans download a song for free off that internet thing…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/27/2017

Today In Music History: 06/26/17

My little girl Zoe shares her birthday with a host of celebs including Ariana Grande. The Beatles give the US an album two weeks before the UK, Cher kicks Sonny to the curb, Van Halen kicks Sammy to the curb and Celine gets the worst cover song of all time award…Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/26/2017

Today In Music History: 06/23/17

Keith Moon joins Led Zeppelin, The Knack release “My Sharona,” and Duran Duran hits number one with a little disco help.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/23/2017

Today In Music History: 06/22/17

Billy Joel plays Yankee Stadium, Coldplay gets to number one with no single, Cyndi Lauper has a birthday and Bryan Adams gives us “Heaven.” Today in Music History

1059 SUNNY FM–06/22/2017

Today In Music History: 06/21/17

NKOTB gives us “Hangin Tough” Jimmy Page hits the stage for the first time, Whos got the moves like Jagger? and Madonna hits Japan for the first time..Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/21/2017

Today In Music History: 06/20/17

Sir Paul takes the stage for the 3000th time, Jimi Hendrix gets a $125,000 for one show and American Bandstand celebrates it’s 20th anniversary..Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/20/2017

Today In Music History: 06/19/17

2 takes equal a number 1 song, happy birthday to Paula Abdul and Ann Wilson, “Batman” has it’s World Premier and Guns N’ Roses makes their U.K. concert debut.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/19/2017

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day from the part-time DJ, full time dad, Domino

1059 SUNNY FM–06/18/2017

Today In Music History: 06/15/17

Bruce gets busted, Casey passes away and Brian Wilson gives a song to his buddy Jan Dean and gets in trouble….Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/15/2017

Today In Music History: 06/14/17

Bob Seger gets inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Dolly Parton gets a star with Sylvester Stallone, and Billy Joel gets his first #1 single..Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/14/2017

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