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Today In Music History: 05/26/17

Happy birthday Stevie Nicks, Michael and Lisa get married, Gwen and Gavin sell their son’s newborn photos, and Don McLean records “American Pie.”

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Today In Music History: 05/25/17

Sam and Dave are on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Who and Led Zeppelin play together, Star Wars is released and Garth asks Trisha to marry him….Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/25/2017

Today In Music History: 05/24/17

Earth Wind and Fire notches their only #1 here in the U.S. Paul McCartney plays Russia, The Guess Who make their American T.V. debut and the guys from Genesis man the box office and sell their own tickets.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/24/2017

Today In Music History: 05/23/17

The Who releases “Tommy,” Elton John has the first album to ever sell a million copies on it’s first day of release, Tom Petty has to file for bankruptcy and The Doobie Brothers get back together and raise money for Vietnam Veterans.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/23/2017

Today In Music History: 05/22/17

Sticky FIngers goes #1, Bernie Taupin is having a birthday, Roy Orbison sings on “Saturday Night Live” and Johnny Carson ends his run on “The Tonight Show.”

1059 SUNNY FM–05/22/2017

Today In Music History: 05/19/17

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Dusty Hill and Pete Townsend are having birthdays. Billy Ray Cyrus releases his debut album, The Eagles release “One of These Nights” and the movie “Thank God Its Friday” has its premier in New York City.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/19/2017

Today In Music History: 05/18/17

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave passes away, Bruce gets in the recording studio for the first time ever, Three Dog Night has the #1 and John Lennon’s hand written lyrics for “Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds” sells for over $237,000.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/18/2017

Today In Music History: 05/17/17

Barry Manilow and ZZ Top do cameos on T.V. Tom Petty’s house in L.A. burns down and we lose the greatest disco diva ever…Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/17/2017

Today In Music History: 05/15/17

The Fleetwood Mac lineup we all know and love played their first show together, Sonny and Cher get a star, Paul meets Linda for the first time and Courtney Love sells the Seattle house she shared with Kurt Cobain…Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/15/2017

Today In Music History: 05/12/17

Today in Music History is dominated by the Rolling Stones. They record “Satisfaction,” Mick gets married and they release “Exile On Main Street.” Meat Loaf files for bankruptcy and Neil Young gets a spider named after him.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/12/2017

Today In Music History: 05/11/17

Today in Music History, the Beach Boys get around, Bruce has a bachelor party and Karaoke’s to his own songs, and we lose the man that brought Reggae to the world Bob Marley.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/11/2017

Today In Music History: 05/10/17

Bono is having a BDAY, Lee Greenwood gave us “God Bless The U.S.A.,” The Turtles played the White House and Seal married a model..Today in Music History!

1059 SUNNY FM–05/10/2017

Today In Music History: 05/09/17

Happy Birthday Billy Joel. We also get the day that Brian Epstein met George Martin, Tom Cruise gets married, and Jimmy Page and Puff Daddy host SNL…Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/09/2017

Today In Music History: 05/08/17

The Beatles release their final album, Steve Miller takes the money and runs, Steve Winwood becomes a doctor and Betty White hosts Saturday Night Live.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/08/2017

Today In Music History: 05/05/17

Adele is having a birthday, The Beach Boys are on Full House, two singers get married and Jason Bonham plays at his own wedding with the rest of Led Zeppelin…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/05/2017

Today In Music History: 05/04/17

Madonna kicks off her Blonde Ambition Tour, Marie Osmond remarries her first husband, Led Zeppelin kicks off a tour with their own plane to ride in and Lance Bass from NSYNC turns 38..Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/04/2017

Today In Music History: 05/03/17

A one hit wonder rules the charts, Diddy gets a star, McCartney returns to touring, and Dollywood opens..Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/03/2017

Today In Music History: 05/02/17

Clapton records “Wonderful Tonight,” “Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)” is banned, Donald Trump ditches Marla Maples and “Sweet Child Of Mine” is voted song with the greatest guitar riff…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/02/2017

Today In Music History: 05/01/17

Elvis gets married in Vegas, NKOTB starts a tour in Vegas and Police are summoned to a Zales Jewellers to confront a suspicious character that turns out to be Michael Jackson.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/01/2017

Today In Music History: 04/28/17

Elvis gives us “Viva Las Vegas,” Cheap trick records “I Want You To Want Me,” Chicago releases their first album and Axl Rose gets married Today In Music History…..

1059 SUNNY FM–04/28/2017

Today In Music History: 04/27/17

“Mrs. Robinson” gets released, Ringo Starr gets married, Ace Frehley from KISS is having a birthday and “Reunited” takes over the #1 spot.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/27/2017

Today In Music History: 04/26/17

Elvis has the #1 song, but B.J. Thomas has the longest title of a #1 song. Studio 54 opens in NYC with the current President in attendance and we lose the great Lucille Ball, all Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/26/2017

Today In Music History: 04/25/17

Today in Music History, The Beatles snub the Queen, Jimi’s “Strat” fetches almost $300,000, “Hell Freezes Over” for The Eagles and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez dies on vacation after a car accident.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/25/2017

Today In Music History: 04/24/17

Double Bowie, Kelly Clarkson, Blondie, Petty and more Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/24/2017

Today In Music History: 04/21/17

The Beatles debut, Annie Debuts, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill kick off a tour and Prince OD’s….Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/21/2017

Today In Music History: 04/20/17

Ed Sullivan gets a dose of “Tequila,” The Stones record “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” Elvis stars in “Viva Las Vegas,” and The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert rocks it’s way in The Guinness Book of World Records.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/20/2017

Today In Music History: 04/19/17

Simon and Garfunkel do a European tour, “The Simpsons” debuts on T.V., Sonny Bono takes over as Mayor of Palm Springs, and the country chart top five is all female…Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/19/2017

Today In Music History: 04/18/17

The I.R.S. comes calling in the music world, the great Dick Clark passes away, Alice Cooper gets on T.V. and Michael Jackson has scalp surgery..Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/18/2017

Today In Music History: 04/17/17

The FBI gives up on “Louie Louie,” Johnny Cash sings at The White House, Susanna Hoffs gets married and Paul loses Linda..Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/17/2017

Today In Music History: 04/14/17

The Beatles stop by to see the Stones, The Stones break in a new guitarist, “Born To Run” becomes New Jersey’s official “Rock Anthem” and George Harrison gets his star….Today In Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/14/2017

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