Dumpster Diving Pro Spends $32 A Week On Food

Want to save money on groceries? How about trying some dumpster diving?


Rick Stacy Has Your Solar Eclipse Glasses

We are so ready for the eclipse on Monday. Are you? Listen tomorrow morning to the Rick Stacy Morning Show to get your pair.


Emoji’s Used At Work Makes You Look Incompetent

Do you like to use emoji’s in your emails at work? Stop. According to experts it makes you appear incompetent.


Trump Anxiety Creates New Profession: Cuddlist

A new profession has emerged thanks to Donald Trump winning the presidency: cuddlist. People who can’t deal with the Trump era now seek comfort by being cuddled.


Woman’s Offer To Sell Husband On Facebook Backfires

A woman in a fit of anger thought it would be funny to post her husband to first taker because he got on her last nerve. Surprise! Hundreds of women were ready to claim said hubby.


Taylor Swift Takes The Stand At Groping Trial

Taylor Swift took the stand in the groping trial and was very explicit as to what happened. The photo of the DJ that groped her is hard to dispute what happened.


It Helps Talking To Yourself Positively

A new study proves that talking to yourself positively in the third person actually helps. The key is what you say to yourself that makes the difference.


Scientists Say George Clooney “Most Handsome Face”

Scientist say mathematically George Clooney has the “world’s most handsome face.” Oh really? Did they input every male’s face like Rick Stacy or Smokestack? I think not.


Top Fifty Workplace Jargon We Hate

We all hate workplace jargon. One study found its the quickest way the boss can drive us crazy. Here’s the list of 50 top workplace jargon we all absolutely despise.


Marine’s 4-Year-Old Son Cries Over His Special Vows

This viral video has everyone in tears! A 4 year old boy cries as his stepmom reads special vows written just for him at wedding.


Mattel To Launch Collection Of Female WWE Star Dolls

Just in time for Christmas, Mattel to unveil their new line of WWE female wrestling superstars!


Dating App Finds A Celeb Lookalike

New dating app finds a celebrity-lookalike for you. What celeb would you be searching for?


Hero Dog Rescues Fawn

How can you not love dogs when you see them do something like this? Storm, a retriever, jumped into the water to save a fawn. Beautiful doggie, inside and out!


Top Ten List Of Most Stolen Vehicles Of 2016

Did your vehicle make the Top Ten List of Vehicles Most Stolen in 2016? Lucky me, mine did not, of course, my car is 13 years old and dinged up. Check out the current list of “Hot Wheels.”


Florida Boy Shows Middle Finger Off In Pic After Rescued By Firefighters

A photo of a sweet little Florida boy “flipping off” the camera has gone viral but it’s not what you think.


Men Okay With Displaying Their Curves On Social Media

Are curvy guys the new flavor of the month? Meet a few guys that have lot’s of admirers as they proudly display their curves on social media.


Houston Resident Calls ‘Animal Control’ Over Alligator That Was A Lizard

A Houston resident freaked out when she thought she had an alligator in her doorway so she called animal control only to find out it was a lizard! Seriously?


Historically Accurate Video Of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”

Cool video with archival footage of events named in Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” song.


A Florida Officer’s “Hot” Hero Photo Goes Viral

One Tweet makes all the difference between anonymity and social media fame. Meet a Jacksonville officer who is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame and btw, so are we!


Who You Were At 16 Defines You As An Adult

Psychologists say who you were when you were 16 is pretty much how you see yourself today. How you sought popularity as adolescent – either through status, or through likability – can influence your health down the road.


Surfer Uses Drone to Feed Shark off San Clemente Coast

Surfer uses his drone not just to monitor sharks but to feed them.


World’s Most Expensive Bag Sold For Over $377K

A white crocodile diamond handbag was sold in 15 minutes for a record $377K at auction. Must be nice.


Memorial Day Ceremonies Honor Our Military Fallen

Honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day. We have listed several local ceremonies.


Dogs Wait Patiently For Their Names To Be Called

The folks at this doggy daycare show off some wonderfully trained pooches. Adorbs!


If Cats Said “Mom” Instead Of Meow

In honor of Mother’s Day, I posted a video of what life with cats would be like if their meows were replaced with “mom.”


Florida Teen Takes Pup To Prom

Florida teen makes a matching prom dress for her dog. The results? FABULOUS!


KFC And A Romance Novel For Mothers Day

Fried chicken and a hot romance novel? Sounds like a win-win for Mother’s Day.


Exotic Pet Amnesty Day At Sanford Zoo

Have an exotic pet you’ve outgrown or it’s outgrown you? Don’t just release it; do the responsible thing and surrender it tomorrow during the Exotic Pet Amnesty Day at the Sanford Zoo.


A Teacher Is Duct Taped…For Charity

Students duct taped a teacher for charity. Teachers had to compete to get duct taped. Fun all around and money was raised.


Puppy Plops Herself On The Floor Tired From Playing

When this puppy’s done playing, she’s REALLY done. Video is hilarious and instant mood changer!


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