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Tips From College Graduates On How To Land A Job

In a competitive world how does a college graduate land a job quickly? Well here are some tips from grads who landed a job in their field upon graduating. Nice!


Bath Time For Baby Otters

Here is your zen video for the day: bath time for baby otters. Too Cute!


Cows Dance After Being Indoors All Winter

You think you get a little stir crazy during the Winter months? You’re not alone. Check out these cows dance as they get released into the pasture for Spring. It’ll make you smile!


Pets Allowed At Work: Yes Or No?

New survey finds most workers would like to be able to bring their pet to work (me! me! me!) along with receiving some other pet-related benefits like pet bereavement leave. Do you agree?


36 Baby Names That Weren’t Used In 2017

Some names are being used less and less by parents. Check out a list of names not used in 2017. How hard was it for you to come up with a name for your child?


Loving My New Glasses From Pearle Vision!

Pearle Vision understands how busy we all are which is why when you walk in they’ll great you and help you find what you need with the expert care service they provide all their customers.


Most Common Mistakes Made Filing Taxes

New report reveals the simple mistakes people make before sending their taxes into the IRS. Don’t be one of them. Check the list before you find out your refund was delayed.


Goodbye Dandelion, Hello New Blue Hue Color

I called it: Dandelion is the color retiring. Now Crayola asking the public to help name the new blue hue!


Ten Reasons Why Old School Love Is Better

Is “Old School”chivalry the way back to getting a real relationship? Here’s ten reasons behind why you should go old school and if you’re not, it may be the reason you’re not connecting.


Boy With Skin Condition Meets Dog With Same Condition

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so when a little boy with a skin condition saw a dog with the same condition it was instant love and friendship! Love this story.


Viral Vid Fun: Kids Interrupt Live BBC Interview

It would be pretty cool to work from home right? I think so but even working from home has its problems. Get ready to laugh as this interview goes wrong when its interrupted by, you guessed it, kids!


The 23rd Annual Brevard Cooking From The Heart

Join Brevard County Sheriff Ivey and me, Grace, for the “23rd Annual Brevard Cooking From The Heart” all to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida.


Coroner Confirms George Michael Died Of Natural Causes

BREAKING: George Michael died of natural causes related to heart and liver problem.


A News Site Found A Way To Cut Angry Comments

A news site believes they’ve found a way to cut angry Internet comments. Will it work? They say it does.


Pink Peeps Oreos Give You Pink Poop!

Delicious Easter pink Oreos have a slight side effect. You guessed it, pink poop. Ew.


Being Single Can Be Healthier

If you’re trying to justify being single and happy well now you have science to back you up!


Top Signs You Should Have Quit Your Job Already

How do you know you’re ready to quit your job and search for a new path? Well, there are plenty of signs and we’ve listed them for you.


Survey Of Things Less Stressful Than Filing Taxes

A survey found a list of things people think would be easier than doing their taxes i.e. like 28% think it would be easier to go without their cell phone for a week. Okay, don’t get crazy people!


Three Things Successful People Do Each Day

A new report reveals the three things you should be doing each morning if you want success and wealth. I can handle three things, how about you?


Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston Top Favorite Celebrity Vacation Partners

What celebrity would you like to hang out with and where? A new survey found Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston top celebrity favorites.


Whopper Mistake! Boyfriend Busted Cheating On BK Instagram!

Remember kids the world is watching and if you think your little comment on this or that social media will never be detected, um, think again! This cheater busted on comment section of BK’s Instagram. Yikes!


Americans Think Facebook Is A “News Outlet”

New Poll finds most Americans think Facebook is a “news outlet.” Seriously? Oh boy!


UCLA Cheerleader Takes A Bad Tumble…Twice!

Cheerleader takes a bad fall from a pyramid but then hits the floor again as she’s being helped! Ouch!


Honey Leaks Down Walls Of A Bee Infested Home

I love honey but I wouldn’t appreciate having it leak down my walls. Roofers had to stop working on a Texas woman’s home due to the bee infestation.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/09/2017

Cheeto Shaped Like Harambe Goes For $100K

People bidding for Harambe shaped Cheeto. Check it out.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/08/2017

Man Attempts To Rap After Eating A Carolina Reaper Pepper

Man attempts to rap after eating a Carolina Reaper pepper. We do not recommend you try this at home and if you ask this man, I’m sure he’d tell you the same.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/08/2017

What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Which was your favorite halftime commercial? We have a link to all the commercials.


Poll Finds Americans Can Unite In Hating The Patriots

A new poll found that we are actually more united than we may think and all the credit goes to one NFL football team, the New England Patriots! But who is America’s favorite quarterback? The answer will surprise you.


Chicken Learns To Play “America The Beautiful” On Keyboards

This cute chicken puts us all to shame! She learned to play keyboards in two weeks! Awesomeness!


Is Your Gym Membership Worth The Expense?

Did you try to honor your new year’s resolution by signing up for a gym membership? If you’ve given up on your resolution already, it may be time to cancel that membership.


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