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25 Foods You Should Not Give Your Pets

Many of us tend to feed our pets from our plate at the table. However, there are some foods that could do them harm. Some can make them sick, even kill them. Read the list to find out what dangerous foods to avoid giving your pet(s).

1059 SUNNY FM–22 hours ago

Who Are America’s Worst Celebrity Parents?

Parenting is a matter of opinion. However, has come up with the list of America’s Top 15 Worst Celebrity Parents. See which celebs made the list.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/26/2017

Burt Reynolds Comes Out Of “Hiding” & Hits The Red Carpet

Burt Reynolds hasn’t been seen since Comic Con in 2015, but resurfaced at the Tribeca Film Festival to promote the new film he stars in with Robert De Niro, Chevy Chase and TV’s “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/24/2017

Orlando Pride Releases Their 2017 Roster – Including 5 Time FIFA World Player Of The Year

Aside from the recently signed Marta, Alex Morgan, Ashlyn Harris, and Ali Krieger…See who the players are on the 2017 Orlando Pride roster

1059 SUNNY FM–04/10/2017

How To Avoid Having Your Instagram Account Hacked

I had my Instagram account hacked yesterday. Read how you can add another layer of protection to YOUR account in this story…and hopefully avoid being hacked.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/07/2017

Barry Manilow Comes Out At 73

Read why Barry Manilow now reveals why he’d never “come out,” though he’s been with his (now husband)/manager for nearly 40 years.

1059 SUNNY FM–04/05/2017

Local Clermont Chef Wins Food Network Cooking Show

A local Chef from Clermont won a Food Network Cooking show. Learn who she is and when you can see the winning program in our story inside!

1059 SUNNY FM–04/05/2017

Now YOU Can Help The City Of Orlando Select Their New City Flag

The City of Orlando has decided to replace their city flag, and after nearly 1,000 entries, they’ve narrowed it down to the Top 10. Be a part of history and vote for the NEXT City of Orlando flag here!

1059 SUNNY FM–04/03/2017

John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John To Reprise Their “Grease” Roles

It’s been rumored about recently that Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta are in talks to reprise their roles as Sandy & Danny from the iconic 1978 film Grease. See what Olivia Newton-John says about that possibility.

1059 SUNNY FM–03/31/2017

You’ll Be Surprised At Who Got One Of Carrie Fisher’s Most Prized Possessions

One of Carrie Fisher’s most prized possessions was taken by a surprising source once the Star Wars legend passed away in December of 2016. Read what it was, who took it, and why.

1059 SUNNY FM–03/28/2017

The Story Behind “Hey Jude”

Ever wonder whom it is that certain songs are written for or about? According to music aficionados one of the greatest songs of all time is “Hey Jude”, written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon…or was it?! Get the details to the story here.

1059 SUNNY FM–03/23/2017

Former Orlando “Miss Pulse” To Compete On RuPaul’s Drag Race

Though Pulse Nightclub has become known throughout the world for that tragic June night last year…Trinity Taylor is going to do her best to represent the iconic Central Florida nightspot in a positive light when she appears on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 debuting this Friday at 8 on VH-1. Read about her inside.

1059 SUNNY FM–03/22/2017

UCF Men’s Basketball At Home In The NIT Quarterfinals

UCF’s basketball program has turned the corner under new head coach Johnny Dawkins. Tonight they play in the quarterfinals of the NIT Tournament at CFE Arena here in Orlando. See how they got here and get your tickets for tonight’s game here!

1059 SUNNY FM–03/22/2017

See Who MY Top Irish Performers Of All Time Are!!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here is my list of the Top 10 Irish performers/songs of all time, based on several publications, magazines, web sites, and surveys. Check out each group’s biggest hit (videos) of all time.

1059 SUNNY FM–03/17/2017

What Is St. Patrick’s Day About & Why Do We Celebrate It?

Who was St. Patrick and why do we celebrate “St. Patty’s Day”?! Read…and find out.

1059 SUNNY FM–03/16/2017

Consumer Reports Releases List Of Most & Least Reliable Vehicles

If you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle, before you do, check out the latest Consumer Report on reliability before you head out and sign on the dotted line.

1059 SUNNY FM–03/14/2017

Tyra Banks To Host “America’s Got Talent”

I love watching America’s Got Talent (AGT) for the talent…but, I was never really a fan of their (former) host Nick Cannon.


Upcoming Orlando Area Concerts

Don’t wonder what shows are coming to Central Florida. Take a look at the list we’ve put together for you!

1059 SUNNY FM–03/08/2017

New Cast For Dancing With The Stars Is Announced

The cast for the new season of Dancing With the Stars has been announced. See who’s competing and tell us in today’s Paco Poll not only who you WANT to win, but, who you THINK will win!

1059 SUNNY FM–03/01/2017

Downtown Food & Wine Fest From My Point Of View

Here’s my view of our 9th Annual Downtown Food & Wine Fest. From the food, to the drinks and entertainment, here’s why you can not miss this event in the future.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/28/2017

A Preview Of Orlando City Soccer Club’s New Stadium

Orlando City Soccer Club cut the ribbon on their new stadium this morning. I got a behind the scenes view yesterday of the new facilities…See it from MY point of view!

1059 SUNNY FM–02/24/2017

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr Really Considering Retirement?

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr REALLY considering retirement from racing? Read what Richard Petty says, as well as what Jr himself said this week during Daytona 500’s media day about it!

1059 SUNNY FM–02/23/2017

Was Vanna White Fired From “Wheel Of Fortune?”

Was Vanna White fired from Wheel of Fotrune? Read here what happened and how the story has spread all over social media!

1059 SUNNY FM–02/21/2017

Orlando City Soccer Club Prepares For 2017 Season

Want to know what’s happening with our Orlando City Soccer Club? Read up on some of the upcoming events with OC, and find out when you can see our new 2017 jersey, and join in on a Q&A with ownership and Coach Kreis.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/09/2017

Paco Takes A Shot At “A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder”

“A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder” is a KILLER production that SLAYED me. Take a look at my review and see why YOU should make plans to see this production before it pulls out of Central Florida on Sunday!

1059 SUNNY FM–02/08/2017

The Tradition Of Groundhog Day

How did we get to a point that a large rodent is telling us how much longer we have to deal with winter weather?!


NFL Happy With Orlando’s Execution Of The 2017 Pro Bowl

The 2017 Pro Bowl was a success in the Central Florida area for multiple reasons. Read about some of them, what some players said, and its [Pro Bowl] Orlando future in my post.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/01/2017

Some Intergalactic Scoop On “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

Many fans of the Star Wars franchise were excited recently to learn of the new “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” film to be released December 15th of this year. I’ve got a little inside info you may want to read about inside!

1059 SUNNY FM–01/27/2017

Reports Are The Classic Gangster Film “Scarface” To Get A 2017 Remake

The Scarface remake has been in social media lately with reports of Leo DiCaprio and Sofia Vergara cast in leading roles. Read what I found out the REAL truths are.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/26/2017

Walmart To Begin Selling Cars

Walmart will now expand their product list to automobiles as well. Take today’s Paco Poll and tell me if YOU would buy YOUR next car from Walmart!

1059 SUNNY FM–01/25/2017

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