1990’s Drink Zima Making A Comeback

Do you remember the early 90’s? Beanie Babies, Boy Bands, Fanny Packs, Napster, and Rollerblades. But wait – there’s more! What about Zima?! Remember the clear adult refreshment? The “malt-ernative” to beer? Well, it’s coming back July 4th weekend! YES! See why in my blog!

1059 SUNNY FM–12 hours ago

Yesterday Was The 8th Anniversary Of Michael Jackson’s Passing

This weekend marked the 8th anniversary of the passing of one of the world’s most iconic performance, Michael Jackson.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/26/2017

Johnny Depp Apologizes For Presidential Assassination Joke

Johnny Depp has gone the route of Kathy Griffin and made comments that he’s now apologizing for. Comments about assassinating a sitting President. The White House is not amused, and Depp is feeling the backlash of his own words. Read what he said, and the Capital’s response.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/23/2017

Lisa Kudrow In Talks For A “Friends” Spinoff

Lisa Kudrow may be reprising her “Friends” character Phoebe Buffay in a new spin off show that is allegedly in serious talks to bring to the small screen very soon.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/22/2017

‘Ghostbusters II’ Actor Henry Deutschendorf Commits Suicide

Hank Deutschendorf, one of the Ghostbuster actors has committed suicide.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/21/2017

Barbie’s Boyfriend Ken Has A New Look

Barbie’s boyfriend Ken gets a WHOLE NEW LOOK…In fact, he’s getting a TON of new looks…and you’ll probably want to look at the new Ken yourself. Because even AFTER you see him, you probably WON’T believe it!

1059 SUNNY FM–06/20/2017

Carrie Fisher Autopsy Shows Cocaine And Heroin In Her System

The final autopsy report on Carrie Fisher was released today and it was found that there were numerous drugs in the star’s bloodstream. See what she appears to have taken according to the L.A. Coroner’s report.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/19/2017

Steve Harvey Tells Flint Michigan Listener “Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass Of Water”

Comedian, Radio and TV host Steve Harvey is in the limelight again for what some are calling questionable comments he made this week on his nationally syndicated radio show. See what he said in my blog that has even some of his show co-hosts squirming in their seats.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/16/2017

“America’s Got Talent” Contestant Brandon Rogers Dies Before His Performance Airs

Dr. Brandon Rogers, an America’s Got Talent contestant dies in a car accident, weeks before his segment is scheduled to air. Read about and see how talented he was.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/14/2017

Demi Moore Admits Having No Front Teeth

All Demi Moore wants for Christmas is her two front teeth. While on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she admitted that she has NO front teeth. And that her smile looks beautiful through the magic of modern dentistry. But, how did she loose here teeth? Read in my blog.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/13/2017

What Makes Jerry Seinfeld Angry With His Kids? The Kardashians!

Why is it that legendary comic Jerry Seinfeld lost his temper with his teenage daughter? See the television program that launched his temper tantrum, and why.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/12/2017

Vienna Girardi Is Pregnant

Remember Central Floridian Vienna Girardi, the winner of The Bachelor, Season 14? Well, she’s just posted on her Instagram account, that she’s pregnant…with twins!

1059 SUNNY FM–06/09/2017

McDonald’s Fan Creates DIY McFlurry Dessert Sandwich & Its Going Viral

Have you heard about the new “non-menu” dessert item that is spreading like McWildfire at your local McDonalds?! It’s a do it yourself sweet treat that you have to assemble at the table, or in your car, but worth every cool bite. Get the details in my blog.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/08/2017

Coming in 2018 A Broadway Musical Based on Cher’s Life

Cher’s life will be coming to a Broadway stage in New York next year as she announces that a musical of her life will become a show to debut in 2018! Get the details in my blog.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/07/2017

Pat Sajak Walks Off The “Wheel Of Fortune” Set

How about the time Pat Sajak walked off the set after hearing a guess from a contestant! What happened? Read my blog and see the video yourself!

1059 SUNNY FM–06/06/2017

Celebrities Who Don’t Look Their Age

Some people don’t seem to look their age. Sometimes you don’t know if it’s good genes or good doctors. But, you can be the judge by taking a look at a few dozen stars who don’t look their chronological age.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/05/2017

Oreo Has A New Cookie Flavor – But It’s Only Found In One Retailer

If you love Oreos, there’s a new flavor hitting the shelves today which you may want to try. But there’s only one place you can get it. Check out where in my story.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/02/2017

Friday June 2nd Is National Doughnut Day

Friday, June 2nd is National Doughnut Day! Do you know where to get YOUR free doughnuts?! Well, if you read inside…you’ll find out. You can eat them free pretty much all day!

1059 SUNNY FM–06/01/2017

One Year After The Pulse Shooting, Some Still Seeking Help

Almost one year after the horrific shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, people are still searching for answers on how to move on in their lives. Iyanla Vanzant is providing help to some of the victims this weekend on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/31/2017

21 Surprising Celebrities “Real Names”

Ever wonder what some of the celebrities we see on TV and in the movies, and hear sing on our radio’s real names are. Here are 20 that you may find surprising.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/30/2017

Soccer Superstar Lionel Messi Avoids Jail Time

Lionel Messi, regarded as arguably the greatest soccer player in the game’s history was found guilty of tax fraud, however, he will likely not spend one single day behind bars because of the decision made today by the Supreme Court in Spain. Get the details.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/24/2017

Elvis Presley’s Estate To Sell His Private Jet

Elvis Presley’s former personal jet is going to be auctioned off this weekend. The red velvet interior and matching red shag carpeting were reportedly designed by Elvis himself.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/23/2017

25 Worst Tasting Beers In America

Which is YOUR beer of choice? Beer Advocate has ranked America’s 25 Worst Beers, based on a survey they did. Where does YOUR beer rank? Check the list inside!

1059 SUNNY FM–05/22/2017

5 Health Issues That May Affect You On Summer Vacation

If you’re going on vacation with the family, you may suffer from some common health issues. Here are not only those issues, but, how to remedy them during you family get away!

1059 SUNNY FM–05/19/2017

Now You Can Travel Into Space Even After You’ve Died

Now, even though you don’t have the skill set to become an astronaut, you can still travel into the heavens before going to “Heaven.” And for less than $3,000 a San Francisco company can assure you of that with their final flight!

1059 SUNNY FM–05/18/2017

TBS Reboots “The Joker’s Wild” With Snoop Dogg As Host

Do you remember a TV game show from “back in the day” called “The Joker’s Wild”…Well, it’s getting re-booted…and you WILL NOT believe who their host will be! Get the details inside.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/17/2017

20 Actors Who’ve Received College Degrees

There are quite a few unsung brainiacs in the world of acting. Here is a list of 20 actors you’ve probably seen on the screen who are also college graduates. Some will surprise you!

1059 SUNNY FM–05/16/2017

Are Any American Idol Alum Returning For The Show’s Reboot?

Who will be on the cast of the new American Idol Reboot on ABC? There are some names being thrown around…check out who they are!

1059 SUNNY FM–05/15/2017

What Does Mom Want, And NOT Want For Mother’s Day

What does Mom REALLY want for Mother’s Day? Read what our listeners told me in a Paco Poll and what a national magazine says she’s looking for…as well as what she doesn’t want…Do it now…before it’s too late.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/12/2017

Is Your Favorite TV Show Coming Back Next Season?

Did YOUR favorite show make the cut? Is it coming back next season? See what shows the networks have committed to, which they’ve already axed, and which are in limbo.

1059 SUNNY FM–05/11/2017

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