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Rick Stacy On Demand 6.28.17

New stats on pudgy pets, Florida Gators win first baseball championsip and more in Rick Stacy On Demand.

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Rick Stacy On Demand 6.27.17

I-4 construction rattles local homes, Taco Bell wedding packages, and a computer virus helps get ticketed motorists off the hook in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/27/2017

Rick Stacy On Demand 6.26.17

Bernie Sanders’ wife is in hot water, Ron Howard is slated to work on the upcoming Han Solo movie, and a fascinating study about dog defecation in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/26/2017

Boy Burned By Exploding Slide

Playground slide explodes and gives boy second-degree burns.


Rick Stacy On Demand 6.23.17

The Orlando Magic select Jonathan Isaac, the Queen of England retires her reign, and a dangerous new toy is gaining popularity in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/23/2017

Woman Goes Under Knife Eight Times To Look Like Melania Trump

A Texas woman had eight plastic surgery procedures in a bid to look more like the First Lady. Eight!


Rick Stacy On Demand 6.22.17

A drug bust in The Villages, George Clooney sells his tequila brand for $1B, and a disgusting new way to charge your phone in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/22/2017

Madame Tussauds Orlando Unveils New Bieber Wax Figure

We have Justin Bieber! Well, Madame Tussuads Orlando does. Their latest wax figure is the Biebs and his fans are loving it!


Burger King’s New Lucky Charm Shake

Burger King has introduced a new milkshake inspired by the popular, marshmallow-filled Lucky Charms cereal. Yum, works for me!


Students Fly Egg 96,000 Feet In The Air To Study Atmosphere

Key Peninsula Middle School students annual science experiment launched an egg into space calling it the highest egg drop!


Rick Stacy On Demand 6.21.17

Amazon gets one step closer to its goal of world domination, Mattel’s Ken Doll now has a man-bun, and a sleepy burglar gets caught snoozing in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/21/2017

TV News Anchors LOL Live On The Air

Funny blooper video of news anchors who lose control laughing over “swinging” interpretation on the air.


97-Year-Old Dangles 117 Stories Above Toronto

What did you do to celebrate your birthday? This vivacious 97-year-old man dangled from a tower in Toronto.


North Koreans Wake Up To Freaky Music Played On Theramin

North Koreans wake up to creepy music played on a theramin.


Snake Crawls Out From Under Car Hood On Texas Highway

Two guys driving on a Texas highway freaked out after a snake crawled out from under the car’s hood and of course, they caught it on video!


Rick Stacy On Demand 6.20.17

President Trump’s not under investigation, Beyonce’s twin babies, and Rick discovers a new reason NOT to get a sports car in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/20/2017

Costa Rican President Swallows Wasp

The Costa Rican president didn’t allow a pesky wasp get in the way of his message. Check out video when he swallows a wasp. Yikes!


Meet Eclipse, The Self Bus-Riding-Dog In Seattle

Meet “Eclipse” the self bus-riding dog. Awww.


Man Plays Song With 45 Different Instruments At Once

Some people are blessed with too much talent! Check this guy out playing 45 instruments at one time.


Rick Stacy On Demand 6.16.17

SeaWorld’s got a new VR coaster, Fox News changes their slogan, and a Gainesville woman uses embezzled money for a butt lift in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/16/2017

Skunk Ruins Family’s Home

A family’s home was completely destroyed after a skunk got in and sprays entire house.


Blimp Deflates And Bursts Into Flames

A blimp deflates and bursts into flames at the U.S. Open. Pilot escaped but is in serious condition.


Los Angeles City Hall Honor Adam West With Bat-signal

One final fitting tribute for the original Batman, Adam West last night.


Rick Stacy On Demand 6.15.17

A new on ramp for I-4, Bill Cosby channels Fat Albert after court, and a deer visits Denny’s in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/15/2017

Woman Disguises Dog As Baby

And the “Best Granddaughter award goes to…” for sneaking NaNa’s little doggie into the hospital! All together now…awwww.


A Deer Crashes Through Denny’s Window

A deer crashed through a window and scrambled around a Denny’s and of course there is a video.


Rick Stacy On Demand 6.14.17

A massive apartment building fire in London, Oprah says she’ll never run for president, and the latest trend in fashionable swimwear in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–06/14/2017

Breaking: Rep. Steve Scalise (R) Shot

Breaking: Rep. Steve Scalise (R) Shot


Horrific London Fire

A high rise apartment went up in flames overnight in London. Video caught live of the fire is unreal.


The New ‘Hairy Chest’ Swimsuit For Women

Here’s a way to make heads turn at the pool this summer while having a good laugh ladies! Check out the ‘Hairy Chest’ swimsuit.


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