Today In Music History: 08/31/16Debbie Gibson, Van Morrison and Gina Schock of the Go Go's are having birthdays today. We also get another station (not MTV) to be the first to televise Michael Jackson's "Bad" Video and the world was mourning on this day in 1997 when Princess Diana was killed in a high speed car crash in Paris.
Slash Recorded Elton John's 'Rocket Man' for Stuntman's Epic JumpSir Elton John gave him permission, of course.
Tony Bennett Turns 90, Honored With Star-Studded TV SpecialTomorrow, August 3rd, legendary crooner Tony Bennett will turn 90-years-old.
Today In Music History: 06/21/2016Today in Music History we go from Zager and Evans to New Kids on The Block. That alone should make you want to read.
Elton John and Vladimir Putin Delay Meeting Due to Schedule Conflicts"President Putin expressed readiness for this meeting. But this time, the meeting won't take place, unfortunately. Their schedules do not match up."
Today In Music History: 05/23/2016Elton John scores a huge first, The Pittsburgh Pirates sing a song and go on to win the World Series and The Who go to the opera. Today In Music History.
Today In Music History: 05/17/2016Today in Music History we are not just about the music, but about how music gets on TV. Barry Manilow on Murphy Brown, ZZ Top on 2 1/2 Men, Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live...and the beat goes on.
Elton John Tops 'Giving List' for Charitable ContributionsJohn gave an estimated $38 million in donations.
Elton John is Coming to 'Nashville'Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sir Elton John is scheduled for a guest appearance on the much-loved TV drama.
Today In Music History: 03/23/2016Elvis gets turned down, John Lennon writes a book, Paul McCartney releases "My Love." Van Halen "Dances The Night Away," Billy Joel gets married and Elton wanders on stage to sing with George Michael.
Today In Music History: 03/07/2016The honky tonk featured in Urban Cowboy opens, Elton John gets waxed, George Michael grabs sexiest and Phil Collins retires from music.
Elton John's Meanest Insults: Madonna, Billy Joel, Keith RichardsElton is refreshingly unfiltered, but not everyone appreciates his honesty.

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