Today In Music History: 03/17/17Happy Birthday to Pattie Boyd, the muse of Rock and Roll royalty. Today in Music History features some "Purple Haze," Cher on Time Magazine, four highschoolers from Dublin winning a competition on St. Patricks Day and Paul McCartney getting taken to the cleaners in a divorce.
Today In Music History: 03/13/17Today in Music History, we bring you The Jacksons, Clapton, Seger, Pavarotti and Jimi Hendrix......all in one day!
Today In Music History: 01/11/17Ted Nugent gets stitches, Paul Simon sings in South Africa, Nirvana hits "Saturday Night Live" and Johnny Cash lights the "Ring Of Fire."
Today In Music History: 01/05/17Today in Music History, Benji finds a Cameron, Jimi spends the night in jail, Prince makes his live debut, and Sonny slips on the slopes.
Today In Music History: 12/29/16Happy Birthday Yvonne Elliman. Chuck Berry goes to work, Jimi Hendrix makes his television debut and Bob Marley gets a stamp Today in Music History.
Today In Music History: 09/21/16It's Uncle Joey's birthday! It's also the guy that gave Tom Petty guitar lessons' birthday and the day that The Bangles called it quits, Today in Music History.
Today In Music History: 09/01/16Gloria Estefan and Barry Gibb are having birthdays Today in Music History. We get James Brown, The Jackson 5 and Blondie and the passing of Cledus (Jerry Reed)
Today In Music History: 08/15/16Happy Birthday to Tom Johnston, lead singer of The Doobie Brothers, he is turning 68 today. It's also the anniversary of the beginning of Woodstock and if you have some kind of connection with 1985, the #1 song on the radio was "Shout" by Tears For Fears.
Today In Music History: 07/08/2016One of the music greats of all time gets booed off stage and Madonna goes full frontal in Playboy Today in Music History.
Today In Music History: 05/31/2016The Who are the world's loudest band, Jimi gets his cover and The Monkees get their show Today in Music History.
Today In Music History: 05/02/2016Two songs recorded 7 years apart to the day about the same woman. That and more is featured Today in Music History.
Today In Music History: 03/31/2016Chuck Berry goes "Politically Correct?" Jimi Hendrix sets his guitar on fire, The Doobie's call it quits, MTV finally adds Michael Jackson and Madonna makes David Letterman blush.

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