American Idol In OrlandoWant to be a big American Idol star? Gotta get discovered first. Today's your chance. AI bus rolls into Orlando today.
Recycled Muffins Made From WasteA recycler's dream: food recycled from waste made into muffins! Yummy!
Taylor Swift Takes The Stand At Groping TrialTaylor Swift took the stand in the groping trial and was very explicit as to what happened. The photo of the DJ that groped her is hard to dispute what happened.
Inflatable Trump Chicken Spotted Outside White HouseHave you seen the inflatable chicken meant to resemble President Trump? While the creator was trying to make a political statement I think it's actually cute.
Tim Tebow Shakes Autistic Boys Hand; Hits Home Run10 year old autistic Seth got a dream come true when he got Tim Tebow's attention and got to shake his hand what happened next will make your heart smile.
Doctor Equates Football With Child AbuseA neuropathologist says one day an attorney will prosecute for child abuse on the football field.
Florida Family Finds 6 Foot Boa Constrictor Living In AtticOMG imagine seeing this huge boa constrictor slither out of your attic? It happened to one Florida family.
New Cheetos Restaurant Set To OpenLove Cheetos? Then you'll love this new restaurant with an all Cheetos menu set to open in New York City.
Guy With Six Blind Dates Same Day BackfiresA guy that set up six blind dates for one night but it backfired big time! Check out how these women found out and planned their revenge.
Viral Video: Game Of Thrones 'Ice Ice Baby'Who has time to do this? Check out this viral video of scenes from 'Game Of Thrones' put to "Ice Ice Baby!"
Men Are You Ready For Your Own Make-Up?Men do you see yourself wearing male make-up? It's coming. Ladies, do you want your man to wear make-up?
Man "Stranded" In Desert Fake Or Just Dumb?Real or just dumb? This man stranded in the desert for three days but when you hear the entire story you may be shaking your head like us and say, wow, really? Are you that daft?

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